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Antoine Kingue

Jacquees - Bed Friend (slowed + reverb)

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original audio "@jacqueesmusic - Bed Friend":

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#slowed #reverb #orion #jacquees #bedfriend


@lady_cina_officiel's avatar@lady_cina_officiel: Ouuuwwwwwwh
@videoshorst333's avatar@videoshorst333: Trop cool
@cmbstd9992's avatar@cmbstd9992: Can you do « Zaho-tourner la page » please
@joybotondi8832's avatar@joybotondi8832: can you do “tue ça” by koba laD please 🥺🥺🥺
@cmbstd9992's avatar@cmbstd9992: And can you do « maître Gims- pense a moi »
@lapatate8644's avatar@lapatate8644: Eh mec ya moyen tu fasses "Koba LaD • Gazo - Daddy Chocolat" stp ? Sinn gg a toi pour ce que tu fais !