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Antoine Kingue

Aya Nakamura - Le passé (slowed + reverb)

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Original audio "Aya Nakamura - Le passé":


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@ivyy6938's avatar@ivyy6938: OMFG U ACTUALLY DIDDDD!? I FREAKINN LOVEEE UUU TYSM!🥺🥺😖💞🥰❤️😣
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: Np, easy and fast😇
@pillowcase1884's avatar@pillowcase1884: Omg I was waiting for this for so long thank you!!!!
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: sryyy i just went back to school so I had a lot less time😥
@pillowcase1884's avatar@pillowcase1884: No need to apologise love it's just that nobody did the slowed ver for this song & u were the 1st one who did it so thank youuuu ❤✨❤✨
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: owww🥺🥺🥰
@ladanimurance3399's avatar@ladanimurance3399: cette est magnifique , merci beaucoup !!!!!
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: ahah tqt et merciii😇
@juwxoxo7583's avatar@juwxoxo7583: Just wow ❤️
@doctoring776's avatar@doctoring776: Beautiful <3 Take love 💕
@kirtiverma8578's avatar@kirtiverma8578: LOVE FROM INDIA❣
@Tiarose5248's avatar@Tiarose5248: Exceptional, wish I came across this masterpiece much earlier ❤
@estheradao's avatar@estheradao: J’aime cette version😊
@catherinegaillez5580's avatar@catherinegaillez5580: Jadoore!😍
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: Ahah merci😇
@user-ny9pi3on9r's avatar@user-ny9pi3on9r: Jemate 👸🏻🇵🇹❤ joRA ❤🤴🏼🇵🇹
@naturepower9097's avatar@naturepower9097: ❤️❤️
@sonom_1's avatar@sonom_1: 🥰🥰🥰🥰
@Strongmanmo's avatar@Strongmanmo: 0:59 ❤️‍🔥🔥
@user-ny9pi3on9r's avatar@user-ny9pi3on9r: Jemate 👸🏻🇵🇹❤ joRA ❤🤴🏼🇵🇹
@ladanimurance3399's avatar@ladanimurance3399: could u pls do angela in slowed ;3 ? merci
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: ouai jvais essayer😇
@yessssirrrr3105's avatar@yessssirrrr3105: 😩😩😩
@babytatertots9688's avatar@babytatertots9688: I’m here because of a taehyung edit UwU 💜
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: im glad to hear it😇
@babytatertots9688's avatar@babytatertots9688: Don’t regret it tho this song hit different
@shriya...'s avatar@shriya...: Am here becoz of jennie kim🖤💖
@witchestate1355's avatar@witchestate1355: Peux-tu faire biff du nouvelle album AYA s’il vous plaît ⭐️🌸🥰??!
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: j'ai fait tout l'album de aya récemment😇
@witchestate1355's avatar@witchestate1355: @@ORIONMOOD comment ça que je ne l’ai vu pas encore , merci merci ✨✨
@kaoutarelmahmoudi1938's avatar@kaoutarelmahmoudi1938: ❤️❤️
@user-ny9pi3on9r's avatar@user-ny9pi3on9r: Jemate 👸🏻🇵🇹❤ joRA ❤🤴🏼🇵🇹