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Antoine Kingue

Ya Levis - Nakati (slowed + reverb)

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original audio "@YALEVISDALWEARMUSIC - Nakati":

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#slowed #reverb #orion #yalevis #nakati


@AnitaAsani's avatar@AnitaAsani: This song was already sexy, this just took it to a whole other level?
@Alteori's avatar@Alteori: Love this version even better ❤️❤️
@diondavis95's avatar@diondavis95: This song is made for Kompa 🇭🇹
@williamtsane6256's avatar@williamtsane6256: Waaaaaa. Très higt le slow🖤🔥
@alexandracolombe's avatar@alexandracolombe: Troppp bien✨
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: merciiii😇
@chanceliabouanga1769's avatar@chanceliabouanga1769: Yeuch j'adore
@emilie9663's avatar@emilie9663: chaîne sous-côté
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: ahah😇