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Antoine Kingue

Aya Nakamura - Love de moi (slowed + reverb)

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original audio "@AyaNakamura - Love de moi":

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#slowed #reverb #orion #ayanakamura #lovedemoi


@YulinaGoto's avatar@YulinaGoto: this is heavenly; my ears are blessed 😌
@liaselinara6763's avatar@liaselinara6763: Pleaseee aya nakamura biff sloweedddddddd I realyy wanna this
@jodieblake7398's avatar@jodieblake7398: Amazing job!!
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: thannkkss😇
@jodieblake7398's avatar@jodieblake7398: @@ORIONMOOD Your welcome love all your music work!!
@getuliooliveira7780's avatar@getuliooliveira7780: Oi Aya linda esta de mas tudo de bom successo a brasso
@getuliooliveira7780's avatar@getuliooliveira7780: Oi Aí linda que Deus proteija successo a brasso. Brasil
@getuliooliveira7780's avatar@getuliooliveira7780: Oi Aya está de mas belezura saúde pas successo .a brasso
@chadpeter4220's avatar@chadpeter4220: If selflove and selfcare was a song🥹