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Antoine Kingue

Rema - Soundgasm (slowed + reverb)

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original audio "@heisrema - Soundgasm":

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#slowed #reverb #orion #rema #soundgasm


@user-we9ex7to9g's avatar@user-we9ex7to9g: 2:30 this part hits so different for some reason
@elv_kofi's avatar@elv_kofi: I love this slow version
@matei3268's avatar@matei3268: Me toooooo
@youboy411's avatar@youboy411: Hello cultured brothers and sisters
@ExtrospectionErin's avatar@ExtrospectionErin: thossseee whisperrrrrrrrssssss
@ahmedadil2299's avatar@ahmedadil2299: This is literally haven on ears 🔥🔥🔥 lit I can’t stop listening
@le4nn4onT0P's avatar@le4nn4onT0P: Please make a spotifyyy
@charisaaugar4455's avatar@charisaaugar4455: Obsessed with this 😩🤞🏾
@istan9682's avatar@istan9682: I literally love you. How did you do this so fast?
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: my second name is lucky luke😂😂
@Shyflowers's avatar@Shyflowers: I really love this song 😍
@AsianShortyMix91's avatar@AsianShortyMix91: I was really looking for the slow version ! You made my day !
@Min.naweMathibela's avatar@Min.naweMathibela: We love to see it 🥵🔥
@mee5891's avatar@mee5891: Juste, si c’est pas toi c’est qui enfaite ?😭 Franchement la meilleure chose que j’ai découverte en 2021 c’est ta chaîne YouTube 🤝
@lauramathieu8313's avatar@lauramathieu8313: Waaaauouuu😍🤩
@dannycrowne9036's avatar@dannycrowne9036: Swrs this slow version is😇😇😇
@michelletembe3790's avatar@michelletembe3790: ❤️😻
@arsimdreshaj9837's avatar@arsimdreshaj9837: Im white but i love afro rave
@60sbabydoll777's avatar@60sbabydoll777: irrelevant information but ok