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Antoine Kingue

AMARIA BB - Slow Motion (slowed + reverb)

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original audio "@AmariaBB - Slow Motion":

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#slowed #reverb #orion #amariabb #slowmotion


@onlykba's avatar@onlykba: slow motion SLOWED > every bit of this makes sense
@faeez239's avatar@faeez239: that girl look soooo beautiful no words for her beauty 😭😭😭💗✨
@wwcrom7937's avatar@wwcrom7937: 1:42 😭
@babyrobloxgirl9102's avatar@babyrobloxgirl9102: t'arrête jamais ❤️
@bubblecakke's avatar@bubblecakke: She's so pretty😳💓
@zaynbmhramli5387's avatar@zaynbmhramli5387: the is perfect
@juni7036's avatar@juni7036: Sa c'est juste parfait This is just perfect
@ORIONMOOD's avatar@ORIONMOOD: merciii😇
@juni7036's avatar@juni7036: @@ORIONMOOD de riennn
@CvFromMiami's avatar@CvFromMiami: 0:32 1:27